Seattle Civic Dance Theatre Board

The SCDT Board is made up of Artistic Director Kim Dinsmoor, Laura Nicolai, and Mindy Gross.

The dance company provides a performing outlet for talented local dancers and culturally enriches the community and the city-at large through professionally oriented performances and activities.

Among the Board's goals are to ensure that the dancers learn respect and responsibility by participating in fundraisers, earning service hours through volunteering at the studio, performing in the community and participating in local festivals. The Board strives to create positive role models for the younger dancers by having the upper level dancers interacting with the younger dancers during class, at rehearsals and during performances.

Each Board member has her own special interest in the Theater Dancers. Kim challenges the students to raise the bar in their personal goals of improvement as they strive to meet the basic requirements of excellence. Mindy is helping the dancers give back to the community by coordinating performances in retirement homes and local festivals. Mindy has also been instrumental in offering discounted babysitting to ballet parents through the ballet babysitting program.

The Board meets quarterly at the studio.

We currently have two positions open. Talents such as fundraising, grant writing, and knowledge of working with non profits would be ideal. If you are interested in serving or have any questions or ideas for the Board please stop by the office or email Kim Dinsmoor, Artistic Director.