School Etiquette

Basic rules and guidelines all students, parents, and faculty observe while class is in session

  1. You may address all teachers by Mr. or Ms. (Name Preferred).
  2. You must arrive with sufficient time to be prepared before class (use bathroom, get a drink, attire, hair, etc.) and be in the classroom on time.
  4. Student may observe the class if late, but may not be able to participate.
  5. Call if student will be absent or late.
  6. Should parents need to relay a message to their child, go to the dance office and the receptionist will issue a note to the instructor.
  7. No gum is allowed in the building.
  8. Food and drink are only allowed in the hallway. Please deposit all garbage in bathroom garbage cans, not in the office or classrooms.
  9. NO Illegal Drugs, Tobacco or Alcohol.
  10. Keep the restroom/dressing room clean, double check that none of your belongings are left behind.
  11. There is a lost/found box in the ladies restroom. Do not leave any valuables in the bathroom/dressing room; take them into the classroom with you.
  12. Do not play in the classrooms or with any equipment.
  13. No talking in class, please raise your hand if you have questions.
  14. The phone is available in the office for students to call for a ride home, no long distance or personal calls.
  15. Do not wander into the other hallways, the playground, or upstairs.
  16. While waiting in the hallway, please have respect for classes in session. Do not allow children to run or play loudly in the hall.
  17. Please have your student wait inside the building to be picked up, not on the street.
  18. Pick your student(s) up on time, do not block surrounding driveways, there is additional parking available down below the playfield.
  19. We reserve the right to excuse any student from class to the office for inappropriate behavior.
  20. To keep our students protected, no gossip is allowed or inappropriate conversation in or around the school or those engaging will be asked to leave the grounds.