Student Requirements for Class Placement and Advancement

Dance! West Seattle is committed to the instruction of classical ballet, theatre etiquette, (see Theater Handbook before performance), and having fun preparing young dancers for a future in dance.

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See the Attire page for required dance wear for each dance discipline.

Pre Ballet

Approximately 3–6 years old.

Class Schedule

Attention span, follow directions, learn basic rhythm skills, coordination, works with others, able to execute required movements with ease and Director discretion.

Ballet I

Approximately 5–10 years old.

Class Schedule

Learn basic ballet foot and arm positions, follow direction, leading others, execute combinations with confidence, able to remember longer and more difficult combinations, further developed rhythmic movements, start demonstrating good posture and Director discretion.

Ballet II

Minimum 8 years old with 2–4 years prior training.

Class Schedule

Able to execute complicated steps with confidence, demonstrate clean technique, demonstrates good posture throughout entire class and at Director discretion.

Ballet III

10+ years old with minimum of 4 years prior training.

Class Schedule

Pointe shoe preparation, building strength of body and technique, maturity, stamina, takes initiative for own goals, able to perform full length dances well with stamina, strength and good technical skill. Strong posture and command of body and at Director discretion


12 years old–adult with minimum of 6 years prior training. Highest level.

Class Schedule

Pointe training, beginner on up. This is the school's highest level. Students are to demonstrate excellent technique, perform on Pointe in required pieces, show maturity in attitude and performance and demonstrate proper theatre etiquette. Level IV represents Dance! West Seattle’s goal for an accomplished young dancer. 
Being in Ballet IV does not ensure Seattle Civic Concert Dancer membership.